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Friday Garden Goods: "Determinate" & "Indeterminate" tomatoes

Did you realize there are two types of tomatoes? There are! Referred to as indeterminate and determinate, the two types vary in how they grow and produce fruit. Knowing the difference and being able to purchase and plant the correct type for your gardening needs will ensure you are successful in your quest for the perfect, bountiful tomato harvest. Below, we break it down for you in this weeks "Friday Garden Goods".


Determinate & Indeterminate Tomatoes

Determinate Tomatoes

  • Grow to about 4 feet tall max
  • Are referred to as "Bush Tomatoes" for their round full shape
  • Make a great container tomato plant
  • Grow one crop of tomatoes that grow all season and usally ripen at or near the same time
  • Good choice for canning and preserving since the entire crop ripens at the same time
  • Have less need for staking than indeterminate
  • Our favorite varieties of determinate tomatoes include these top performing varieites of tomatoes: Tumbling Tom, San Marzano, Sweet N' Neat, Better Bush, Tumbling Tiger, Sweet Pepper Pompei & La Roma

tomato plants

Indeterminate Tomatoes

  • Grow taller and up to 10 feet tall for some varieties
  • Can be referred to as Vining Tomatoes
  • Grow multiple crops of tomatoes throughout the season
  • Require staking & caging
  • Not recommended for containers
  • Most Heirloom Tomatoes are indeterminate
  • Our favorite indeterminate tomatoes include these top performing varieties: Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Early Girl, Juliet, Sweet 100's, Mr Stripey, Mortgage Lifter
indeterminate tomato plant
Here is a great sheat sheet on determinate and indeterminate tomatoes.
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