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The 8 Best Tomatoes to Grow in Containers

It's easy to grow tomatoes! Even without a large yard or garden space, many tomatoes happily grow in containers that you can squeeze into any tight space. In order to be successful at growing tomatoes in a container, there are just a few things you need to get right.


1. The Right Spot - As long as the pot fits on your porch or deck, you have enough room to grow tomatoes. But take a look at the tag before you purchase, some varieties are bigger than others. What makes it the "right spot" is all about sunlight. Tomatoes need a lot of sun! Choose a spot where they can get at least 5-6 hours of solid sun.

2. The Right Container -  Choose at least a 12" pot for one tomato plant. Tomatoes need a lot of room for root growth. But go ahead and add flowers and herbs to the pot. The blooms will aid with pollination, which means: more tomatoes! Make sure there is a drainage hole on the bottom and consider adding some sand or loose rocks on the bottom to assist with drainage. Finally, plant them a little deep to help support the stems. 

3. Good Soil - The soil matters! If you are growing container vegtables, don't choose an annual potting mix. Your tomatoes will need the right mix of soil ingredients and nutients. We recommend Baacto Veggie which is specially formulated for vegetables and has the extra calcium tomatoes need. We also recommend Coop Poop fertilizer.

4. Water - Keep your plants watered. All plants need water. Ideally, tomatoes are grown in a permanently moist soil environment. Letting the soil dry out and then flooding the plant can be harmful to the plant and harvest. Un even watering can lead to blossom end rot. Water the plants at the roots, not from the top to prevent fungus and consider adding a layer of mulch on top. This will prevent backsplash (which can cause fungus) and help prevent the tomatoes from drying out. 

5. Choose a Variety that grows well in a container - See Below!

The 8 Best Tomatoes to Grow in Containers

1. Topsy Top - Customers often ask, "Can I grow tomatoes in a hanging basket?" The answer is yes. The Topsy Tom variety is ideal for hanging baskets because it grows well upside down. The small, bit size fruit mature in about 50 days. Think shish kebobs or veggie trays for Topsy Tom tomatoes!

2. Better Bush - If you are constrained by space but still want to grow a classic, big, beefy tomato, try the Better Bush. They will supply a steady supply of fruit beginning in mid-late summer that are perfect for slicing and canning.

3. La Roma III - This variety is a good choice for gardeners that want to grow Romas in a container. The fruit is ideal for sauces and cooking.

4. Little Napoli - The Little Napoli tomato is small but mighty. It is known for it's high yield of fruit, enough to make a fresh sauce for dinner. Delicious fruit.

5. Sweet-N-Neat Cherry Red - An upright growing tomato, the Sweet-N-Neat lives up to it's name. This dwarf how-to-grow-tomatoes.jpgvariety tops out at about 12" but you can harvest A LOT of fruit off of the plant which produces tomato in grape-like clusters. Also available in Yellow~! Check out the Sweet-N-Neat Yellow!

6. Candyland "Currant Tomato" - This tomato is known for its super tiny fruit but that's not all. Got a bit of the competitive spirit? Then you'll like the Candyland. It's a winner - The AAS, a plant trialing association chose this tomato variety one of its best of 2016. 

7. Celebrity - Celebrity has been around a long time and is known for being incredibly disease resistant and reliable. This hybrid was one of the first commercially released hybrid tomato varieties and is relied on by many chefs for its "cooking" fruit.

We hope you choose to visit our garden center this spring for your gardening needs. We plan to have all 7 varieties in stock and are always willing to spend some time helping you choose the right variety for your garden. If you've struggled with tomatoes before, let us know. We carry a variety of natural products to assist with blossom end rot, fungus and fertilization. What to learn more? Click below to download a copy of our FREE Gardening E-Book!

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