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The Perfect Small Evergreen Tree: Baby Blue Eyes Spruce

The Perfect Small Evergreen Tree: Baby Blue Eyes Spruce


One of our most frequently asked questions is in regard to ornamental trees. Last fall we had many customers come into the garden center looking for a small evergreen tree that could be used as a year round privacy screen, while not taking up their entire yard or growing into power lines. Our favorite small evergreen tree is the Baby Blue Eyes Spruce.

While not a true dwarf ornamental, the Baby Blue Eyes Spruce tree is the closest thing to a dwarf evergreen tree on the market today. A typical Colorado Blue Spruce will grow 50-75 feet tall and 20 feet wide. For homeowners with size constraints, this simply will not work. However, the depth of color and thickness of needles found in a Colorado Blue Spruce can be hard to replicate. The Baby Blue Eyes Spruce offers all the benefits of the Colorado without the massive size.

The Baby Blue Eyes Spruce features the same wonderful color as the Colorado, with a range of greenish to deep blue colored needles. This species is quite drought tolerant. This dwarf evergreen produces a clear pyramidal form of fine branches covered with scaly purple tinged gray bark. Short, four sided dark blue-gray needles are sharp, stiff and densely held to produce an attractive form. Incorporating a Baby Blue Eyes Spruce into your landscape offers a variety of benefits.

  • Winter Color: Look out your window. What do you see? For winter color and a pretty silver blue, the Baby Blue eyes is a great option.
  • Privacy Screen: Many homeowners need privacy from their neighbors, roadways and driveways. Since the Blue Eyes is non-deciduous, it will hold it's need and stay full and blue all winter long.
  • Small Landscape Size: The Baby Blue Eyes is one of the few options for homeowners that cannot fit a large evergreen into their landscape.
  • Specimen Tree/Focal Point in Landscape: The texture, size and color make the Baby Blue Eyes an excellent choice for a specimen tree in your landscape. Visitors eyes are drawn to it, especially in the summer, as it "pops" out of the other colors surrounding it.
The Baby Blue Eyes is very drought resistant and prefers full sun. It will take some shade, which will increase the depth of it's silvery blue color. This well shaped evergreen requires little to no maintenance. 
Learn more about our selection of dawrf ornamental trees in this popular blog post. "Top 10 Dwarf Ornamental Trees for the Landscape."
UPDATE: Beginning in 2017, our garden center stopped carrying the Baby Blue Eyes Spruce. There is now an improved dwarf spruce, called the Pauls' Select Norway Spruce, which is proving hardier and resistant to needle cast disease. Read about the Pauls' Select Norway Spruce here.
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