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4 Reasons Bluestone Patios "Rock"

Outdoor Bluestone Patios,

Walls & Walks "Rock"

Believe it or not, we are just 4 months to the date until the first big outdoor holiday of the spring: Mother's Day. This might feel like forever, but all the spring and summer holidays (Memorial Day, Graduation, Father's Day) are inching closer every day.  Winter is the best time to get started on your landscape plan. This spring, natural stone and more specifically, bluestone, outdoor patios are going to be a popular request. Maybe this is the year for you to add a patio to your landscaping? Learn why that's such a good idea...

Designing and installing bluestone patios are one of The Barn's most frequently requested landscape projects. The reason?

Bluestone patio's and pathways rock!

Outdoor patios and walkways constructed with bluestone are lovely, functional, easy to maintain and affordable.

Why Use Bluestone for Patios

  • Bluestone's Range of Color is unmatched. Unlike concrete pavers, natural bluestone color never fades. The hue of the stone is consistent throughout the entire piece of stone. The color is primarily a steely blue gray, but depending on the source, it can contain hints of green, brown or rust. Bluestone can be sorted for a consistent hue of one shade of blue, or mixed for a unique color pattern, depending on the home style, material and color.
  • Bluestone is incredibly functional. Bluestone is a natural stone with many uses. In patios, bluestone is typically installed in two styles.
    • Rectilinear, which is cut bluestone in rectangular or square pieces. Patterned, or "cut", bluestone is used to create a clean, contemporary or classic style.
    • "Irregular" bluestone is pieced together in shapes as they were pulled from the quarry. This look goes well in a natural or informal landscape.
    • Bluestone pieces can also be finished in a "thermal", smooth, or a bumpy natural finish which is referred to as "natural cleft". Tumbled bluestone, bluestone cut drywall, bluestone veneer and bluestone outcropping are all great hardscape materials for walkways, retaining walls, and patios in the landscape.
cut-bluestone-hawthorn-woods irregular-bluestone-inverness bluestone-walk-stairs

Patterned Bluestone Patio

at a Hawthorn Woods Home

Irregular Bluestone Patio

at an Inverness Home

Cut Bluestone Walkway over concrete at a Cary Home

  • Bluestone is easy to maintain. The maintenance requirements of bluestone are slim to none. It never fades and if it gets dirtbuilt-in-grilly, you just wash it off. One note of caution. Caveat: We do not recommend bluestone for countertops in outdoor kitchens and built in grills. Bluestone can stain. It is a natural porous stone and there is a risk of grease or oil staining the stone. We recommend marble, concrete or granite for outdoor kitchen countertops.
  • Bluestone is affordable. Bluestone looks luxurious but it can be very affordable. Depending on the site, it can be installed over an existing concrete patio to update a landscape on a budget. More popular sizes and colors are easy to obtain and therefore less expensive than custom blended pavers or unusual natural stones. Also, the low long term maintenance costs lower overall costs substantially.
If you live in the Chicago area and have questions about budgeting for a new outdoor patio, give us a call at 847-658-3883. We would be happy to develop a quote for bluestone patio for you.

See more of our natural stone work including limestone, flagstone and bluestone in our landscape portfolio. Our portfolio features work from Hawthorn Woods, Cary, Crystal Lake, Inverness, Barrington and the surrounding areas. Or get some landscape design ideas from our Ultimate Guide to Desiging and Styling a Patio.

Finally, the landscape designers are happy to work with you or discuss your landscape project at anytime. If you are a DIY'er, our garden center in Cary also stocks a variety of natural stone including patterned and irregular bluestone, along with bluestone steppers and tumbled bluestone. Download our Landscape Project Planner below and get started!


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