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"How long does it take to install a new patio?"

"How long does it take to install a new patio?"


That is a question we hear all the time! Most homeowners don't start their project until they have a looming deadline. Landscape  planning deserves the same amount of research, planning and design time as any other major home improvement project. A landscape design and installation can be easy and quick if the correct procedures and steps are followed and you've partnered with an experience vendor.

For example, take a look at this recent design and installation of a backyard patio and pool. The design was done relatively quickly because it was well thought out and planned from the beginning

Homeowners researching landscape design ideas have many resources at their fingertips, including Houzz and Pinterest.  If you are in the research phase and looking for landscape design ideas, take a look at our portfolio. Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish, it's time to get started. An investment in your landscape, such as the installation of a bluestone patio, outdoor kitchen and built in grill, or brick driveway, should be thoughtfully planned and designed to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Having a good grasp of the style and size of the project will streamline the landscape design process.

Often times, homeowners wait until the warm spring weather returns to reach out to a landscape design architect. In Illinois, spring can arrive as early as February or as late as June. Starting your landscape design on the early side means your project will be completed more quickly, regardless of spring's arrival. The sooner you can get started, the faster your landscape project will be complete.

In the world of Chicago landscape design, it is better to get started over the winter.

Many outdoor-patio-designhomeowners end up disappointed when their projects cannot be completed by a set deadline, whether it be a graduation party, Mother's Day, or Memorial Day. Often times, the best, most qualified, and talented designers in Chicago and Northern Illinois are already booked with spring work. This can force customers to choose between hiring a less qualified designer or extending their deadline beyond their special event. If you have a spring landscape design project attached to an event deadline, don't delay!

At The Barn, we are usually able to work with customers to get the job done according to their timeline. However, we strongly urge customers that have an important event booked for spring 2014 to get started over the winter. Below, we outline the ideal landscape project planning timeline.

What's Your Landscape Deadline?

Event Date

Design Proces & Layout

Proposal, Bid and Sign Contract

Mother's Day

November - February

Late February - Mid March

Memorial Day & Early Gradutations

November - February

Late February - End of March

Outdoor Kitchen, Built In Grill By Memorial Day

November - February

Sign Contract Feb/March

Choose Materials & Appliances by April 1st

Father's Day

December - March

March - Mid-April

4th of July

January - End of April

March - April

If you have not yet chosen a landscape designer, check out our blog post entitled, "8 Things to Look For in a Lansdcape Designer". Finding a qualified, talented and trust worthy landscape desginer is the first step in the landscape design process.

Once you have decided on the right partner for your landscape design project, it is important to talk to them about your deadlines. We recommend laying out a timeline attached to specific targets and completion dates. To help you, we have designed a 10 Step Landscape Project Planner. To get started on your spring landscape project, download our Landscape Project Planner below.




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