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High Quality Wind Chimes

Some of our favorite products aren't actually plants. One of these is the high quality outdoor windchimes from Music of The Spheres. We have been carrying Music of The Spheres windchimes for over a decade and they have proved reliable, high quality and beautiful.

Personally, I became hooked when I moved into a new home where a pair of windchimes from Music of the Spheres had been given to us as a housewarming gift by our new neighbors. I had never owned windchimes before and was a bit wary but I became hooked on the beauty of their tones. Now windchimes are on my permanent list of great housewarming gift ideas, and actually make a great gift for any occasion.

What exactly sets Music of The Spheres apart from other Windchimes? To start, these GARDEN CENTER, WINDCHIME, LANDSCAPEwindchimes are Made in the U.S.A, hand made in the great state of Texas. The Barn is proud to sell Made in the USA products as much as we can, while we support small business in our country. 

These meticulously hand-crafted wind chimes are precision-tuned to A440 (standard orchestral pitch). The elegant design features central tube suspension, with smoothly polished tube ends to prevent cord abrasion. The tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom-manufactured to our exacting specifications and will never rust. The tubing is coated with a sleek black corrosion-protective finish that provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments. Music of the Spheres are designed to stay outdoors in all seasons!


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