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The Best Varieties of Maple Trees

autumn blaze MapleAt The Barn Nursery, we carry a large variety of maple trees, chosen for their quality and hardiness. With over 50 years in business, we have planted thousands of maple in Illinois and Wisconsin and have learned which varieties do best in our local climate. This Fall we are stocking over 14 varieties of Autumn Blaze Maples, Red Maples, and Sugar Maples. Below we will outline a selection of our favorites.

Autumn Blaze Maple: The Autumn Blaze Maple is popular in NW Illinois due to their amazing bright red fall color and their tolerance of clay soil. They are a very hardy tree for our area.

Armstrong Maple: A very distinct hybrid maple, the armstrong maple has an upright and columnar habit. Getting to 50' tall and just 20' wide, this is a great shade tree for tight spots.

Celebration Maple: A hybrid maple, with great disease resistance, the Celebration Maple is known for a more gold or even yellow fall color.

Crimson King: The Crimson King is great for color accent and is prized for it's year round purple leaves. Great for the front yard landscape, this tree get to about 50' tall and 40' wide.

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple & Green Mountain Sugar Maple: The Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple is one of the larger maples, getting 60'x60' at maturity. It features a blend of fall colors from yellow to gold to red. The Green Mountain Sugar Maple is also large but more rounded in habit and is known for it's bright gold fall color.

October Glory Maple: Know for reliable bright red fall color, this well-shaped maple also has red branching and silvery bark, making it pretty in the landscape year round.

Paperbark Maple: This smaller size maple is known for it's beautiful peeling bark in shades of red, tan and cinnamon. The pretty peeling paper look make it a great tree for year round beauty. Great accent tree.

State Street Maple: The State Street Maple is popular for it's small size compared to most Maple trees. It is a great choice for smaller landscapes and features a nice oval habit.

Visit The Barn Nursery garden center for Maples and other trees of all sizes and colors. Our Garden Center is located at 8109 S Rt 31 in Cary, IL. Many of our trees are grown by us at our farm in Harvard and almost all our shade trees are slow grown and locally grown, ensuring the high quality The Barn Nursery is known for.

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