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4 Steps to Growing Hardy Mums

It's easy to grow perennial mums! Most of the mums we sell at our retail garden center are hardy, so you can plant them in the ground after using them in your fall containers and add them to your landscape. Here are 4 steps to successfully growing hardy mums.

hardy mums

1. Plant them early! The earlier the better so that they have time to establish a good root system before the ground freezes. Use root stimulator, such as our Grow Good, to encourage good root growth.

2. Do not cut them back. Removing spent flowers is fine, but do not cut back the foliage until spring.

3. Mulch the roots as soon as they are planted. Then cover them with a layer of evergreen branches in late November to protect mums from extreme temperatures. We sell evergreen bunches over the holidays that are perfect for this use.

4. Without pinching, mums will bloom mid-summer. If you want your mums to be loaded with buds and FALL BLOOMS, pinch off the tips of each stem 3 times before July 4th.


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