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Increase Curb Appeal with a New Paver Stoop

Small changes in your landscape can create big impact. You see it all the time on HGTV and it doesn't only apply to bathrooms and living rooms. In landscaping, replacing concrete patios and stoops with stone pavers and natural stone is one of the best ways to instantly improve curb appeal and achieve a great ROI on your investment. Replacing concrete walkways, stoops and patios with stone is the best way to refresh a dated front landscape.

Below, we feature a landscape project that required us to provide the design and installation of a stone paver stoop in order to improve the curb appeal of our clients home.

This homeowner came to us with a request for a new walkway and stoop. The old concrete stoop was failing, sloping away from the entrance and it's one step was not deep enough to get the front door open. The customers were concerned that the stoop was not safe. Decreasing the height of the step by adding a 2nd step, and increasing the width of both new steps would increase safety for elderly and young family members.

An additional problem was the lack of curb appeal of the concrete stoop. Our Landscape Designer was tasked with solving real functional problems as well as providing a timeless design that would increase the curb appeal and provide increased ROI on the landscape project.

The functionality requests were simple. Create a deep, two tiered stoop that could provide safe and stylish entry to the home. This particular client has a number of projects in mind, including additional walkways around the home, replacing an old concrete patio and adding a new paver entry to the back of the home. Choosing a quality paver that wouldn't fade and could be matched to future projects was required. Working with Rob Baughman, from our Landscape Division, the customer chose a budget friendly paver that increased the ROI on the landscape job by being cost efficient and adding curb appeal.



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