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The Rose of Sharon, a favorite summer blooming shrub

The Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub that blooms in the summer, a rare find among shrubs. Many customers come in looking for summer blooming shrubs and if you have the right spot, a Rose of Sharon is an excellent choice.

lil kim rose of sharon

Rose of Sharon is a type of hardy hibiscus, that is typically described as a large shrub or small tree. The multitude of varieties come in different sizes and colors, making it a great addition to any landscape. In our experience, customers want a Rose of Sharon for 3 Reasons.

  1. Large Tropical Blooms - The Rose of Sharon is known for showy, large blooms and appear similar to tropical plants you find in Hawaii and other tropical destinations. With Rose of Sharon, you get zone 4 hardiness with Zone 10-type bloom color and size.
  2. Bright, Unusual Color - The Rose of Sharon blooms in a couple shades that are very difficult to match in a plant that is not an annual. This plant really brings the color and you can find them in bright pinks, ruffles, multiple colors and even the rarest of all, a bright blue.
  3. Summer Blooming Shrubs - There aren't a lot of summer blooming shrubs in our zone. Hydrangea can't take the heat and other summer blooming shrubs like spirea or potentilla don't pack the same punch. With Rose of Sharon, you can achieve sometimes elusive summer color, without having to use annuals.

Rose of Sharon prefer a sunny, well drained spot in your yard, preferably in a protected area. We have seem them handle some wind, but they seem to do better with a little protection from larger plants or a home. They make a great hedge plant when planted 2-3 apart and are frequently used as a backbone of a perennial garden or even as a specimen tree in a landscape.

Pruning needs are relatively few. With enough space, there is no real need to prune every year. However, Rose of Sharon bloom on new wood, so an early spring prune will encourage new shoots to fill in and therefore, additional blooms.

Click here to download a list of our favorite varieties of Rose of Sharon.


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