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It's Time To Treat for Euonymus Scale

Euonymus Scale

Euonymus Scale is a tiny insect that can be found on Wintercreeper groundcover,
Euonymus shrubs, and even Pachysandra. Euonymus scale has two generations per year,
the first generation hatches in mid-May the second in late-July. The adult insects have a
waxy coating that protects them from chemical sprays so it is important to spray crawlers
soon after they hatch.

Euonymus Scale Crawlers

Symptoms: White or tan-brown bumps found on the stems and underside of leaves.
Recommendation: Oil sprays and soil drenches have limited affect on this insect. Spray
plants with Eight or Bonide Systemic Insect Control in May thru early June, and the
second generation in late-July thru August.


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