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Gardening Checklist for August: 10 Things to Do Now!

Top 10 Gardening Tasks For August

Vegetable Harvest

1. Harvest veggies! You've worked all spring and summer and now is the time to reap the bounty. Check your gardens daily for ripening fruit.

2. Prepare beds for fall planting. August is a great time to start prepping for Fall planting. Pull out spent annuals and add compost for Mums. For new perennial gardens, we highly recommend Leaf Mulch.

3. Lawn Care. We have enjoyed some great gardening weather this year but you shouldn't neglect your lawn. We recommend doing 2 Lawn related tasks this month. Now is the time to apply Lawn Food plus Iron and treat for grubs. Fall is the best time to treat perennial weeds because this is season these pesky weeds are most vulnerable to herbacides.

4. Plant Fall Veggies. It's a little early now but watch our Facebook page and website for updates on the arrival of cold weather veggies, including zucchini, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and beets.

5.  Lawn Seeding. Late August is THE BEST time of the entire year to re-seed, over seed and lay new lawns. If you had damage in the 2012 drought, this would be the time to fix it.

6.  Protect plants from Japanese Beetle Damage. Spray, Kill or Capture Japanese Beetles this month to prevent damage on lindens, roses and other Beetle-loving plants.

7.   Treat chlorotic trees such as Birch, Oak, Red Maple, Magnolia.  If your tree leaves are yellowing they may be cholorotic. Stop in with some branches and leaves for proper diagnosis. The correct product for correcting Chlorosis is Ironite.

8.  Check your trees and shrubs for insect damage.  Things you should be spraying for in August include:

  • Zimmerman Pine Moth - you'll notice white sap on the trunk - Spray with Eight.

  • Magnolia Scale - you'll notice bumps on the branches and black sooty mold - Spray with Eight or Bonide Systemic Insect Control.

  • Euonymus Scale - you'll notice tiny white bumps on the stems and undersides of the leaves - Spray with Eight or Bonide Systemic Insect Control.


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