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Custom Fire Pits: The Hottest Trend in Landscaping

Without a doubt, the hottest trend in landscaping right now is custom fire pits. Outdoor living has come a long way since the days of bonfires and s'mores. While s'mores are still a "must" for any summer bonfire, these days everyone wants a personalized experience.

When designing a custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace, our Landscape Designers work with our customers to define their functional needs and style. Some prefer the natural look of an old-fashioned boulder pit, but with long lasting quality and a gas hook up. Other are looking for a more sophisticated feel, using pavers and incorporating it into a patio or even an outdoor kitchen. 

Below is a complete outdoor living design and installation by The Barn Nursery that included a grill, patio, pergola and fire pit. This contemporary, clean design featured pavers chosen to complement the home and modern patio furniture. This landscape design successfully made the most of a relatively small space by maximizing functionality and comfort. Two sitting areas were designed for use in the evening and daytime. The pergola adds daytime shade and the fire pit is designed for evening fires. This custom fire pit was built using Bravado walls and limestone caps with a gas hookup.

Custom Paver Patio

Next up is simplicity at its best. This permanent install and design was built using Pennsylvania Fieldstone and is a wood burning fire pit. The color of the fieldstone pops against the landscape and blends well with the natural looking landscape in the background.

Custom Fire Pits

The patio and fire pit below were designed and installed by our landscape team just in time for fall bonfires and is accented by pretty purple fall mums that really pop against the darker stone and walls. This look is very clean and has an estate taste to it. It was built using Creta Walls and Bluestone caps on top which made a very successful color combination. This custom fire pit also features a gas hookup.

brick paver fire pit


This natural looking fire pit is anything but simple! As part of a large landscape design in a heavily wooded are with bordering pond, the goal was for everything to look natural while maintaining sophistication and including the latest in comfort and functionality. This Pennsylvania Fieldstone fire pit looks wood burning but actually has a gas hook up for ease of use.

natural stone fire pits

This fire pit was designed for fun. The large circular area is big enough to seat at least six, with room for more. Designed off to the side of the patio, the circular base complements the existing landscaping and enahnces off the beauty of the large fire pit. This landscape design and installation featured mortared veneer stone with bluestone caps and is a gas hook up.

custom fire pits

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