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Rabbit Repellent & Rabbit Resistant Plants

What's with the bunnies? This year, we get daily requests for help with gardens that are being damaged by rabbits. Rabbits are small but they eat a lot, and can decimate a homeowners garden in just a couple of days.

Where some people see this:

rabbit controls

We tend to see them like this:

badbunny As scary as they look, these fluffy little plant predators can be stopped. You have two options, not counting "Going Elmer Fudd" on them, as we see it.

elmer fudd

1. Plant Rabbit Resistant Plants - There are plants bunnies don't like! Click below to download the list of Rabbit Resistant Plants we sell at The Barn Nursery.

Download the List!

2. Apply Animal Repellents - At our garden center, we recommend one product for repelling the bunnies. 

  • Repels-All by Bonide: This unique blend of ingredients causes a mild irritation to animal's nasal passages and triggers a natural instinct to flee. When rabbits smell or touch Repels-All the ingredients all smell and taste bad to them and also are an irritant. Repels-All also contains dried blood, which carries the scent of bunny-eating coyotes, triggering that natural instinct to flee.

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