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The Perfect Pink Hydrangea: Twist N Shout Hydrangea


The Twist-N-Shout Hydrangea

twist n shout hydranga

The Twist-N-Shout is a macrophylla hydrangea and part of the Endless Summer series of hydrangea. (Need a refresher on Hydrangea varieties? Click below to download "Hydrangeas 101")


Download "Hydrangeas 101"


This variety is a big leaf, lacecap hydrangea. It blooms in clusters of small budlike flowers surrounded by bright, pink-ish purple, large booms with 4 petals. These blooms make a great cut flower and are also very long lasting. In the fall, the blooms turn deep purple, almost burgundy. We took the pic above as it was rolling out the door with a happy new owner and couldn't resist showing it off today.

The Twist-N-Shout is a hybrid variety that combines the best of both parents DNA, sturdy red stems and a reliable re-blooming flower that blooms from summer through fall. This medium size hydrangea grows to about 3-5' tall and wide and can be pruned as needed to keep it in the desired size and shape. The Barn Nursery recommends planting it in a cool, moist but well drained area, out of scorching full day sun.

Quite simply, this hydrangea ROCKS!! If you want to add some rock-n-roll to your lanscape, try the Twist-N-Shout.

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