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The Most Essential Landscape Tool

You might be surprised, if you know Heather, to learn what she calls, "the best thing I EVER bought at The Barn". Considering her knowledge, extensive personal gardens and, lets just say it, obsession, with perennials could you believe it is...drum roll....

dramm watering turret

The Dramm Turret Sprinkler!!!

This sprinkler can do it all. It has nine patterns, so you can hit hard to water areas, maximize spot watering without over watering nearby plants with lower water needs and it comes in fun bright colors that don't blend into your lawn. If you have kids or dogs that like a sprinkler, this turret can offer hours of fun for the family while greening up your grass.

Click here to learn more about this essential landscape tool.

Have new plantings & need watering instructions? Click here!

25% off all watering tools at The Barn Nursery in July 2013.


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