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Fairy Gardening Weekend at The Barn Nursery

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It's Fairy Gardening time at The Barn Nursery!! Visit our garden center this weekend and we will help you create a miniature garden. Miniature gardens can be worked into your landscape or created in practically any container you can come up with. From wheelbarrows to suitcases, we have seen it all. You are only limited by your imagination, and we can help there too.

Fairy Gardening

What is fairy gardening? It is the smallest and biggest trend to hit gardening in years! Small because it is essentially miniature gardening and big because it is popular with all sorts of gardeners.

Children love it because it inspires outdoor play and imagination and most kids love both! We have had fun incorporating mini Disney Princesses, Dinosaurs and more. However, we have found the miniature gardening brings out the kid in everyone!

fairy gardening

For those with tight spaces or limited mobility, this is a great alternative to large cumbersome gardening. Using miniature plants, including annuals, evergreens and hosta, you can create a true to life garden, to scale, in miniature.

fairy garden

If you are already into miniature gardening stop by our nursery in cary and see what The Barn Nursery has to offer. If you would like to try out miniature gardening stop by. We love helping new customers find the right pieces for their miniature garden.

Plus through Monday, June 24th, all fairy gardening supplies are 20-40% off.

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