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Japanese Beetles Are Eating My Plants: Help!

Japanese Beetle Control & Damage Prevention
It's that time of year...They're heerre...Scarier than poltergeists.
Japanese Beetles!
japanese beetles
At the bottom of this article please download our product flow chart that includes specific produect recommendations  for grubs and Japanese Beetles in the lawn, and on trees, shrubs, ornamentals and edible plants.
There is nothing to fear once you have an undestanding of how and when to treat grubs and Japanese Beetles. Follow the instructions below to determine the what, where and how to treat Japanese Beetles.
Grubs in the lawn and garden are Japanese Beetle larva.You can treat for grubs in two ways: 1. Preventative & 2. Controlling.
The Barn Nursery offers both chemical and natural solutions for grub controls and grub prevention.
1. Preventative grub control should be applied April - July. These application will kill larva in the ground. These products are a once a year application that can be done at almost anytime during the growing season. Many of these products will also protect trees, shrubs and ornamentals from grub damage.
2. To Control, it is critical to kill the grubs quickly only when the beetles are laying eggs in your soil. This occurs in late August and can only be done successfully at this time.
japanese beetle eating basil
Pesky pests persistly on your edible plants is a pain!! You have a couple options to control them in a way that allows you to enjoy your harvests without the worry of harsh chemicals. Japanses beetles eating herbs, basil, tomatoes, vegetables, raspberries and blueberries can be treated safely with both 1. Chemical and 2. Natural remedies.
1. Chemical treatments must be used when the beetles are present on the plants.
2. Natural treatments include a couple of options.
  • Application of an all natural, organic Japanese Beetle Killer.
  • Hand-picking them off and smushing them (Cost effetive, yes. Time efficient, no. Orangic, yes!)
Similar to the above situations, Japansese Beetles are a simply solved problem when you have the right products and timing of application. At The Barn Nursery, we offer both natural and chemical solutions for Japanese Beetles in the landscape. Click below to download our quick and easy flow chart for product selection.
Download the Flowchart!


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