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Wallaroo Hats: Protection & Fashion all in one hat!

Wallaroo Hats: Providing Sun Protection for Stylish Gardeners

GardenCenterNearCaryWallaroo Hats are one of our favorite "Must Have" gardening accessories. We spend a lot of time in the sun and while we can't help our white feet, we certainly want to do what we can to protect our faces.

The Barn Nursery started carrying Wallaroo Hats in 2010 and they are super popular with our customers and staff. Here are 6 Reasons We Love Wallaroo Hats.


  1. Adjustable Hat Sizes - no matter your head size these hats will fit. The adjustable strings also allow you to tie your hat in a firmer fit to keep on in the wind.
  2. Squishable - Wallaroo hats are for the most part easily squishable, which means they travel well, are easily packable and are so stylish they can easily pull double duty as a beach or pool hat. 
  3. The logo is a is a Kangaroo and their slogan is "It's a sunny life. Wear Your Hat." We wholeheartedly agree!
  4. Sun Protection - May of the hats we carry are UPF 50+. According to the UPF Classification system this gives Wallaroo Hats an Excellent Protection rating and blocks over 97.5% of UV Rays.
  5. They Help Fight Cancer. Wallaroo has made a committment to the eliminaton of skin cancer and donates 1% of their profits to skin cancer research, education and prevention in the United States.
  6. They look great! Wallaroo hats are available in a variety of sizes and colors that look great on everyone!

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