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11 Great Gifts for Dads Who Love to Garden

11 Great Gifts for Dads Who Love to Garden

The Barn Nursery & Garden Center

Father's Day is almost here and have you gotten your gift for Dad yet? Although the title of this posts suggest a love of gardening is required to enjoy our gift ideas, that really isn't the case. A better title would probably be "11 Meaningful & Thoughtful Gifts for Your Dad That Shows Your Love for Him Every Day."  Let's get started.

  1. Hops Vine - Is your Dad a beer guy? Grow your own hops!! Our hop vine is a gold leaf, summer shandy. He might be the next great micro brewer.Three Floyds Logo1
  2. Tree - A tree is a great way to remind your father or grandfather daily of your love. Everytime he sees it, he will think of you. And for those with young kids, Dad can watch the kids grow along with the tree. Take a picture every year and watch them grow! familyplantingatree
  3. Sports Garden Gnomes - Choose from Cubs, White Socks and Blackhawks! These sports gnomes are little but have big personalities.
  4. Brass Weather Instruments - If your Dad loves the weather, this is the perfect gift for him. These all brass rain gauges and thermometers will make him think he's Tom Skilling.
  5. Outdoor Kitchen - It doesn't get better than this for Dad's. Set up an appointment with one of our landscapers and design an outdoor "Man Cave" complete with grill and bar!outdootkitchen
  6. Shade - Sometimes it gets hot under the grill. Pick up a trellis or arbor along with a perennial vine to keep your Dad cool as a cucumber.
  7. Cerveza & Lime - This annual is a favorite for color and smell!
  8. Fruit Plants - If you care about your Dad's health, fruit gardening packs a one-two punch. This easy garden task will keep Dad moving, enjoying the fresh air and will also provide him with an abundance of healthy snacks! From simple patio pots to more elaborate gardens, we can get him started.strawberrydad
  9. Fire - The Barn's experienced landscape division is well aware of their male customers #1 request: FIRE PIT!! This simple landscape installation is an ideal entry into affordable outdoor entertaining. Let us design Dad's custom firepit!custom firepit
  10. The Gift of Privacy - Poor Dad. He just needs some peace and quiet and would really like to not have to see those neighbors. Let The Barn create a privacy hedge for him.
  11. A Barn Gift Card! After all nothing saysbarn nursery garden centerlike a gift card to The Barn Nursery!! Buy one online here.




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