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Petunias & Million Bells: Annual Gardening

Petunias Vs. Million Bells

Petunias – Big flowers that last all summer.  Heavy feeders so fertilize regularly.  Slow release AND water soluble would be a good idea. 

  • Petunias in flats – more upright mounding habit.  Grown from seed.  Require deadheading for best performance.
  • Wave Petunias – spreading type grown from seed.  Great for landscape use and in planting beds.  Available in pink 6-packs.
wave petunia
  • Supertunias – Proven Winners spreading type petunia.  Self-cleaning (no deadheading required).  Great for containers, baskets, landscape, etc. Available in 4.5”
    • Mini – smaller flowers, NOT plant.  VERY long trailing.
    • Vista – Bred for landscape use, grow taller, spread wider, and are more vigorous.  But can certainly be used in planters as well.
vista supertunia
    • Charm – smaller blooms, bred to beat the heat.  Extreme heat and humidity tolerance.
  • Ray Series – Vigor, large flowers, bold colors, self cleaning, characteristics of Supertunias but with a more upright mounded habit.  They don’t trail like supertunias, but even in the heat of summer keep their blooms on top making them a “filler” petunia vs. a “spiller” petunia.  Ideal for baskets and planters.


Million Bells – Smaller flowers that last all summer.  Smaller plants, less trailing than spreading petunias.  Great “filler” and heat & humidity tolerance.  Not as heavy a feeder as a petunia. 

calibrachoa million bells

SuperCal – a cross between Petunia and Million Bells with the best characteristics of both!  Large vibrant flowers with the more compact habit and smaller leaves of a Million Bell and not as heavy a feeder! 









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