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Magnolia Scale - Diagnosis & Remedy

Magnolia Scale

In our garden center, we frequently have customers stop in that need help with Magnolia Scale. If you have a magnolia in your landscape that is infected with scale, visit The Barn for a solution. Our garden center and nursery near Crystal Lake, IL has the products you need to eradicate scale on your magnolia.

Magnolia Scale is an insect although it can sometimes look like a disease.  Adult insects have a waxy coating that surrounds them making them nearly impossible to control with sprays so timing is critical. 

magnoliascale adultmagnoliascale

Symptoms:  White-cottony or smooth brown “bumps” on the branches.  While the insect feeds it excretes excess sap, this excretion is called honeydew.  The honeydew will cause a black “sooty” mold to grow and will attract ants, bees, and wasps.


Recommendation:  Spray tree in March with All Season Oil spray to “smother” overwintering crawlers.  Spray in Late August - September with Bonide Systemic Insect Control.  A yearly soil drench of Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control will reduce the population of the insect and prevent scale problems in the future. 



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