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The Best Plants to Attract Hummingbirds

10 Steps to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Landscape

First, plant shrubs, annuals and perennials that hummingbirds enjoy! Here is a list of our favorites:

Foxglove Arborvitae Lupine Petunia
Veronica Fuschia Honeysuckle Weigela
Lantana Monarda Butterfly Bush Agastache



  1. Plant Colors Hummingbirds Like: Hummingbirds have favorite colors too! Choose flowering plantshummingbird feeder in shades of red, orange and bright pink.
  2. Purchase a Feeder: There are many styles of feeders. Choose one you like and place it by a window for viewing in a sunny spot in your landscape near the plants listed above.
  3. Put the Feeder in the Right Spot:  Place your feeder by a window for viewing in a sunny spot near the plants listed above. Make sure it is viewable to you and them! Try hanging your feeder from a Shepherd's hook in an annual container.
  4. Keep your Feeder Full: You can choose for concentrate or pre-mixed hummingbird nectar. Replace the nectar every 4 days when temps are below 85 degrees and every other day when temps are above 85.
  5. Understand The Migration: Hummingbirds are mighty travelers. hummingbirdconcentrateWatch their migration and document your sightings on www.hummingbirds.net. Typically we see them April – September.
  6. Provide Water: Hummingbirds need water too. Consider adding a mister or drip fountain.
  7. Avoid Pesticides: Hummingbirds eat insects. Minimize pesticides.
  8. Clean your Feeder: Clean your feeder at least once a month with diluted bleach or vinegar (not soap) and rinse thoroughly.
  9. Prevent Unwanted Guests:  Put out a small amount of 1:1 or 1:2 nectar to water to attract ants away from the feeder.
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