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Get rid of Creeping Charlie in Your Lawn

Ground Ivy (aka Creeping Charlie)

Ground Ivy is an aggressive broadleaf weed that occurs in the lawn as well as in landscape beds.   It is especially plentiful in shady locations but can also be found in direct sun. 


Description:  Round, scalloped leaves with purple tubular flowers on long stems that root wherever they touch the ground.  Spreads aggressively and is rarely effectively controlled by herbicides such as Weed-b-Gon, Preen, or manual pulling. 

Recommendation:  We recommend using Weed Beater Ultra.  Spray Ground Ivy foliage in springweedbeaterultra while in full bloom and again in the fall.  It is available in a ready to spray, hose end attach ready to use, and concentrate.  We recommend using the concentrate with the Weedblaster Pro – no bending over, prevents damage to landscape plants due to drift. 

Why Weed Beater Ultra?:  Because it contains a mixture of four active ingredients.  The combination was specifically formulated to kill weeds in multiple ways, even in cooler temperatures.  It won’t harm grass, but will kill nearly all lawn weeds including dandelions, chickweed, and oxalis.

Weedbeater Ultra is available in Ready To Use, Concentrate and Ready to Spray containers.


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