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Landscaping - The Perfect Tree is at The Barn Nursery

Your Perfect Tree 

If you have lost a tree from Emerald Ash Borer or simply want to add a new tree to your yard, let us help choose the perfect tree for you.  At our nursery, we grow trees and shrubs that are hardy for our area. Sounds simple, but years of experience have allowed us to concentrate our efforts on plants we know will thrive in our area. For healthy plants and cohesive landscapes, size, soil conditions and exposure should also be considered when choosing your tree. Here are some suggestions.  Please call us at our nursery at847-658-3883 for updated availability & pricing.

Choose Something Different - The Importance of Diversification

When communities are planted with large quantities of the same type of tree, it becomes easy for a disease or insect problem to spread from one tree to the next.  Most disease and insect problems are plant specific, for example EAB only affects Ash trees, which is why diversification is the key to preventing a widespread problem like EAB. From an aesthetic standpoint, diversification adds contrast, color and texture. It also improves year round interest in the landscape. Our nursery grows a wide variety of trees and shrubs for you to choose from.

The Perfect Tree For Every Needriver birch

  • Trees for wet soil – These trees can withstand and even thrive in wet conditions. Swamp White Oak, Weeping Willow, Bald Cypress, Alder and River Birch (pictured at right).
  • Tough trees for parkways – These trees tolerate poor soil, pollution, and drought. Kentucky Coffeetree, Honeylocust, American Hornbeam.
  • Trees for small yards – If you want to enjoy a shade tree but have a tight spot try one these cultivars. Armstrong or State Street Maple, Regal Prince English Oak, Summer Sprite Linden, Some Flowering Pears & Crabapples, Kousa & Golden Glory Dogwood.  
  • Shade trees that flower – Many homeowners don’t realize there are shade trees that bloom. Catalpa, Ft. McNair Horsechestnut, American Sentry Linden, Tulip Tree, Redmond and Greespire Linden.  
  • Majestic trees for large yards – Hybrid Elm, Autumn Blaze Maple, katsuraRed Oak, White Oak, Burr Oak, Sugar Maple, Exclamation London Planetree, English Oak, Deborah Maple and some Norway Maple varieties.
  • Trees that make a statement & and offer multi-season interest -  Color, Blooms, Interesting Foliage and Bark; all of these suggestions have their own set of unique attributes. Purple & Tri-color Beech, Redbud, Fall Red Maples, Flowering Pears & Crabapples, Katsura, Paperbark and Japanese Maples
Katsura Tree Pictured Above.

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