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Growing Micro Greens & Cold Weather Veggies is good for you!

As we were working on planning our seed starting programs and early spring gardening plans at The Barn Nursery, we decided that we needed to do a better job spreading the gospel of cold weather gardening. Heather and most of us here at The Barn look forward to starting our spring gardens probably more than any other gardening task, but early spring gardening simply is not as appreciated by most people. And it really should be!! Below is a list of reasons we love early spring vegetable gardening.

  1. The TOP ANSI scoring green leaf vegetables and other vegetables are cold weather veggies. These little leafy guys are super good for you! Click here to see a list.
  2. Mustard GreensThey not only are super healthy, they taste great!! Heather is passionate for her love of Mustard and if you are one of her converts, you probably feel the same. These leafy greens all have unique tastes and add a lot of extra flavors to salads and sandwhiches.
  3. Early Spring Vegetable Gardening gets you moving and let syou enjoy fresh air. After a long winter inside, early spring gardening packs a 1-2 punch of health. Not only are your growing healthy foods, you also are outside moving. Gardening is a great way to burn extra calories.
  4. They look super pretty. Consider combining Letuces, Kale, Arugula and flowering cold tolerant annuals for a unique look that also tastes delicious. By potting your edibles in your container just outside the front door, you pretty much achieve "Grab N Grow" grocery shopping without having to leave the house.
  5. Some vegetables, like like lettuce & broccoli, has a strong preference forBroccoli likes the cold! cool temps. If you plant broccoli every May and it goes to seed before you can harvest, you have planted it too late.

Are you interested in learning more about growing specailty micro greens? Click here for a blog post on that very topic.








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