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Beautiful and Hardy Roses that Mom will LOVE

Rose bushes are the most classic and revered of all blooming perennials. Their lush beauty, functionality, and distinct scent make them among the most popular as well.

These plants offer an unlimited variety of color and growth habits, allowing them to be used in a variety of landscape techniques.  Today's improved varieties offer disease resistance, cold hardiness and long bloom times, allowing even the most novice gardener the ability to grow a rose garden.

Best roses for the landscape(1)

As Mother's Day approaches, we've come up with a list of rose varieties that in our experience are lovely, easy to grow and act as a sentimental gift for mom, that she can enjoy for years to come.

While these choices remain classically beautiful, these aren't your grandmother's roses. Take a look.


The Knockout family of roses is the most disease resistant rose available and it blooms consistently from spring right up until the first frost. The new coral color is the latest addition in this top-selling, and top-performing, line of roses.
This rose reaches about 3-4' tall at maturity but it's claim to fame is the true red color of the blooms, which reach 4 inches in size. Named to honor the heroic crew and passengers of Flight 1549, this variety has been the winner of a number of awards for beauty and performance.
This is a classic, deep red hybrid tea rose, with dark glossy green foliage, ideal for cutting. Unlike other tea roses, it is exceptional in it's hardiness and disease resistance. It has been named the winner of 5 international medals.
grand amore
Everyone's been waiting for a rose that is both fragrant and disease resistant, and here it is. The 'At Last' rose is absolutely stunning, with creamy orange blooms. This variety has all the beauty of a hybrid tea, with all the hardiness of a tough landscape rose.
at last rose
David Austin passed away in 2018, but his passion and expertise will allow us to enjoy his gorgeous roses for generations. The Poet's Wife is a true beauty, with wide cupped, buttery yellow blooms. One of our favorites.
The Kiss Me is so pretty, it's almost irresistible. Even more impressive is that this variety has a sweet fragrance and the double, ruffled blooms will continue blooming all summer long.
kiss me easy elegance
This gorgeous plant is a stunner. A sweet yellow base opens to a wide apricot blossom, which deepens as it matures. Named for the sweet fragrance of the bloom, this Easy Elegance variety is a winner.
Looking for a tiny, dwarf variety of rose? The plant stays small but the blooms are quite the opposite. They are not only big in size, but the color is bold.  The bright orange color is a wonderful addition to small landscapes and ideal for use in containers.
mandarin sunblaze rose
Yes, we've got a rose that combines vibrant red and yellow into one bloom. The velvety deep red blooms have bright yellow centers that grab attention in the garden.

Top Products to Keep Roses Healthy

Once your roses are in the ground, the varieties listed above are very easy to keep healthy and blooming. There are a couple products we recommend to help boost blooms and prevent disease which are listed below.


Bayer All-In-1 Rose & Flower Care 32OZ Concentrate 
(Systemic Fertilizer, Insect & Disease Control)
Bonide Rose Shield Qt. RTU
(Systemic Insect & Disease Control)
Healthy Grow Rose & Flower Food
(Organic Fertilizer)
 Visit our garden center this spring and summer for the largest selection of roses, including Knockout Roses, Easy Elegance, David Austin and many other shrub and hybrid tea varieties. From size, to color to habit, there is a rose for every garden (and gardener) at The Barn Nursery.
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