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Are Boxwood Shrubs Evergreens?

"Are boxwood shrubs evergreens?"

It's one of our commonly asked questions. Boxwood feature small, glossy leaves that appear almost like deciduous foliage. But their "leaves" stay on all year, making them an ideal choice for year-round color.


We classify these shrubs as a "Broadleaf Evergreen". Broad leaved evergreens have a flat broad surface, unlike other evergreen plants that are distinguished by needle-like foliage. Their foliage shares the same glossy leaves as rhododendron and azalea, other broad leaved plants, but are different in the fact that boxwood foliage stays on all year. 

Within the Boxwood family, there are sub varieties that tend to carry primarily by shape and size. At The Barn we carry an assortment in every size. Green Mountain boxwood are more upright and grow tall, while Green Velvet maintain a more rounded ball shape. 

Boxwood make great hedges and their shape and foliage provide a clean, classic look in the landscape. They are easy to maintain and transplant easily. We recommend using an application of mycorrhizae (a natural root stimulator) when planting and the fertilizing them with Holly-Tone in the spring and fall to prevent browning and enhance their deep, rich green color.

Come into our Garden Center at 8109 S Rt 31, and take a look at the huge selection we have available.

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