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A New Dwarf Shrub Introduction That You're Going to Love

Introducing the Electric Love Weigela, and "love" is definitely appropriate for this gem. We couldn't be more excited about this new, small weigela. Here's why.


First, let's talk about why everyone is so excited about this plant. It's the color combination of foliage and blooms. This is really the first weigela that features a dark green leaf, with a bright red bloom. Earlier varieties tend to have pinkier blooms, or a more purple leaf.

For homeowners in search of a shrub that features dark green leaves and red blooms, this one is for you. The contrast makes the plant showy, like an Azalea or Rhododendron, but in the case of weigela, much easier to grow in our area.

Which leads me to the next great thing about this plant. It's hardiness! The Electric Love is incredibly easy to grow. The only thing it really does need is full sun, at least 4-6 hours a day. Otherwise, it is very disease resistant, and is hardy to Zone 4, making it a perfect plant for Northern Illinois.

Finally, I really like the size of this plant. It grows to about 1-2′ tall and 2-3′ wide and is low and mounding. This allows homeowners to easily use it as a hedge plant or along borders, without a lot of need for pruning. The compact size also allows it to be used even in the smallest landscape, but it's great color combination allows it to really pop in large scale landscapes too. This small shrub will never get lost in the rest of the landscape design.

The Barn is going to be offering this plant in the Spring of 2019, but can take pre-orders on it now. And since we like it so much, it will absolutely be included in our "Top New Plants for 2019" list, which will be coming out sometime in February. For more pics and details on this weigela, watch the video below.


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