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A Backyard Landscape Design for Outdoor Entertaining

 This recently completed backyard patio is an ideal example of smart landscape design.

What do we mean by smart?

This landscape design combines beauty and function to perfectly fulfill its purpose. Which in this particular case is to provide a family friendly backyard that is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Take a look!


This existing home is situated on a large one acre lot, with a large backyard space. Having friends and neighbors over is a regular occurence for this family,  but privacy and screening was a priority. Around the perimeter of the yard, a combination of shade and evergreen trees were planted which will grow into a natural and beautiful privacy screen.

The interior of the backyard was perfectly situated for a large bluestone patio which was designed to incorporate an area close to the kitchen for socializing, a formal dining component and a casual fire pit area surrounded by outdoor couches.

In this bluestone patio design, you'll notice the pattern of the bluestone layout changes. This increases the sense of having multiple outdoor rooms.


As you can see in the photo above, a stone seat wall was built along the perimeter of the fire pit area to protect the planting beds and add extra seating.

A touch of formality comes from the planting of 6 Pyramidal European Hornbeam on the far side of the fire pit area. These small trees stay narrow but still offer an element of shade.


 In the below photo, you get a sense of the size of the upper section of the patio, where guests mingle around an outdoor bar area, located right off the kitchen. For more tips on designing and styling a patio, read this recent blog post.


In this photograph, you can appreciate the generous size of the fire pit and enjoy the views of the supplementary planting beds along the house and privacy screen created by evergreens along the property line.


The fire pit is not the only element of fire and light. This homeowner's landscape lights up at night, with light provided by uplighting of selected shade trees and tiki torches. Read more about designing a fire pit here.

This photograph also features a dwarf evergreen; a specimen white pine that is a focal point for guests sitting around the fire pit. Take note of the formal and linear planting of perennial grasses along with the squared off planting beds which gives the patio a modern feel.


 Walking spaces were created along both sides of the home with square bluestone steppers which makes a pretty contrast with the bright green lawn.


This landscape design was created to enhance the outdoor living space of the home and this family entertains outside regularly. By adding a variety of usable spaces through hardscaping and landscaping, this smart landscape design hits all the right marks.

We love the use of two dwarf ornamental trees which can be found along the side of the home. In the image below you can see the Limelight Hydrangea on a standard, which adds big summer blooms all season long. It is the perfect small tree to border a patio since it stays small, is very clean and offers a lot of interest throughout the seasons.


The landscape design team at The Barn Nursery would love to meet with you to discuss your landscape needs. Contact us below to schedule a consultation.

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