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6 Top Performing annuals you're not planting - but should!

Are you hesitant to try new plants because you are not sure how they will perform? Many of us are risk averse when it comes to annuals, preferring the reliability of the same plants year after year. That can make life kind of boring. After all, part of the fun of gardening is enjoying the variety of textures, sizes and colors plants can provide.  Often times, plants don't sell themselves well. Have you ever bypassed a dress on a hanger? The plants below are the dress the salesperson says, "Just wait until you try it on!". These annuals are the dress that takes off 10 pounds, feels like your favorite PJ's and don't need dry cleaning!  Incorporate them into your spring and summer planters and watch them take off!
Enjoy this list of the top performing plants you haven't tried yet, but should!!
Lantana - Lantana is a drought tolerant, hummingbird & butterfly attracting annual with multi colored flower clusters.   It is super low maintenance in both annual beds and containers.  Samantha is one of my favorites - it has yellow flowers, and yellow variegated foliage so it doubles as a foliage accent plant.  PLUS the foliage smells like lemons! Take a look at this lovel version; Vintage.

SuperCal - Few plants have the volume of color and vigor of a petunia.  The trouble is, with all that vigor, they are very heavy feeders and tend to get long and leggy if they are not cut back and fed on a regular basis.  SuperCals (aka Petchoas) are a cross between petunias and calibrachoas (million bells) with the best characteristics of both.  Larger flowers but with improved habit and heat tolerance which is why they are called "the all weather petunia". 

Begonia Whopper - You seriously cannot kill this plant.  It grows in shade OR in full hot sun.  It is incredibly drought tolerant.  They are much more vigorous than your standard wax begonia and with more and larger flowers.  This plant is my number one pick for replacing Impatiens. 

Angelonia Archangel - Angelonia has become more and more popular for its summer bloom'ability.  While other annuals start to suffer from the heat, this one steps into high-gear.  But not all Angelonias are created equal.  This one maintains a compact habit without getting leggy, and comes in pretty awesome colors like Raspberry! 

Agastache Arizona series - If you want to GUARANTEE you see hummingbirds this summer then fill a sunny space in your yard with Agastache Arizona Sandstone.  The bright tube shaped flowers are hummingbird and butterfly magnets and the sweet minty fragrance will lure you in as well. 

Mystic Dahlia series - These are knock-your-socks-off gorgeous!  The bright flowers POP against the dark purple-black foliage.  They look awesome in a container with a lime green foliage accent plant.
Digiplexis - Tall and large spikes of exotic looking flowers make for an awesome focal point in containers. 

Laurentia Beth's Blue - I love true blue flowers!  Beth's Blue Laurentia looks great with pastel pinks and whites OR in contrasting combinations with red and orange.  But its the fine texture of this plant that I love most with its strappy star shaped flowers and fern-textured foliage.
Lofos - This plant fills a unique niche by creating very LONG hanging baskets.  The large trumpet shaped flowers come are available in red or rose and thrive in full sun.
We hope you enjoy our list of top performing annuals. Interested in learning more? Read, How to Keep Your Annuals Blooming All Summer Long
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