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Hellebores (Lenten Roses): Early Spring Bloomer

Hellebores: Spring Perennial Bloomer


Like Coneflowers and Heucheras, plant breeders have gone CRAZY for hybridizing Hellebores. And its no wonder, they have long lasting blooms and leathery evergreen foliage, plus they are SUPER hardy and easy to grow.  They are a sight to behold after a long, cold winter.  


 The Horticulture Behind Hellebores

Hellebores bloom early (Late-February thru June) which is why they are sometimes called Lenten Roses.  They are related to the Ranunculus (not roses as their name would imply).  Hellebores are unique because their flowers are made up of sepals rather than petals.  Unlike flower petals, sepals do not fall off.  The color may fade over the course of the season, but the flower does not actually fall off which explains the extraordinarily long bloom time.  The plants thrive in part sun to shade, prefer rich soil, and are deer resistant.  New hybrids range in color from pure white to jet black and every color in between.  

Companion Plants

The thick, leathery foliage looks amazing YEAR round.  Its coarse texture contrasts beautifully with Japanese Forest Grass or Everest Sedge.  It also looks great with Obsidian Coral Bells or Jack Frost Brunnera.  Or use Hellebores as an evergreen border around a bed of summer flowering Hydrangea. 

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