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5 Stunning Summer Annual Container Ideas

Ready to start planting? Annual season has arrived!

One of our most popular articles showcases our Annual Design color wheel, which you can download and use to design colorful annual containers for sun or shade.

But it is always fun to try something new, so our talented garden design guru, Heather, has created 5 new amazing combinations for you to try this year.

Annual Combinations.png

3 Annuals Container Designs for Sunny Areas

Bright Sun Annual Combination

This ultra bright combination will explode with color all summer long. Plant the Pennisetum First Knight (the dark grass) in the center for height and color contrast.


Includes:  Pennisetum First Knight, Superbells Dreamsicle, Crystal Palace Gem Geranium, Wave Petunia Purple

Pastel Sun Annual Combination  

The pastel pinks, yellows and violets of this romantic color combo will make an excellent addition to any porch and will look great in an urn. But don't let the pastel colors fool you, these annuals love the heat and sun.


Includes: Pennisetum Fireworks, Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue, Superbells Chiffon, Verbena Santo’s Purple (upright), Pentas Butterfly Orchid, Lantana Landmark Rose Glow

Dark Bronze Sun Annual Combination

For a beachy summer vibe, try this combination of rich, lush annuals. We love the deep contrast of the dark purple foliage in this container design.


Includes: Carex buchananii, Bewitched Sweet Potato Vine, Coleus Marooned, Petunia Indian Summer, Dahlia Mystic Fantasy.

2 Annuals Container Designs for Shady Areas

Bright Shade Annual Combination

Just because it's shady doesn't mean you can't have colorful annual containers!! This combination will add some serious wattage to your containers thanks to the vibrant coleus and contrasting, variegated foliage. Use the caladium for your thriller, and plant it in the center for height.


Includes: New Guinea Impatiens Celebration Electric Rose, Caladium Raspberry Moon, Vinca Vine Wojo’s Gem, Lobelia Techno Heat Dark Blue, Wasabi Coleus

Shade Foliage Combination

This combo is just too cool. Using some of the hottest trend in gardening, including succulent-like annuals and houseplants, it's going to look modern and sleek in your containers this summer.


Includes: Sanseveria Black Coral, Dichondra Silver Falls, Setcreasea Purple Heart

Read this article for more great ideas for annual container design.

Or for fresh ideas check out, "6 Top Performing annuals you're not planting - but should."

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