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4 Trending Plant Palettes For Your Landscaping

This spring is all about hope and the season's color trends reflect bright optimism and the warm, comforting hues of nature. These themes are being applied to outdoor spaces, where homeowners want to create comforting, uplifting spaces for their families to enjoy.

We've pulled together 4 sample plant palettes for you, which combine the trendiest plant and design styles with the hottest color trends of the year.

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Grow your own, but make it fabulous!

Elevate your veggie garden! Home gardens are now a lifestyle destination. More and more clients desire custom gardens that are both functional and beautiful, where they can spend time enjoying the fruits of their labor.

See the combination of plants we've included in this mixed palette of pinks, greens, and white below.

Color Palette: Creamy whites, every shade of pink and bright green


Annuals (all in shades of pink and white):

  • Cut flower favorites including Zinnia and Dahlia
  • Million Bells, Verbena, Pentas, Cosmos, Sweet Alyssum, Phlox, Cosmos


  • Hibiscus in a variety of shades of pink

  • Wisteria covering the white pergola

  • Butterfly Bush

Trees & Shrubs:

  • Green Gem Boxwood
  • Mix your hydrangea: Little Lime, Bloomstruck, Summer Crush for a endlessly changing palette of cream, pink and purple blooms.

Edible Plants:

  • Herbs, including sage, thyme and basil

  • Espalier 5 in 1 Apple Trees

  • Hardy Figs

  • Columnar Pear Trees & Patio Peaches

  • Trellised Tomatoes

Summer Lovin' Pollinator Gardens

We all love the warm, bright days of summer and the vibrant perennials that go along with it, and so do the pollinators. In this palette of bright colors, you'll also be supporting the habitat of these critical creatures.

Is it any wonder that pollinators are attracted to the plants you can find on the bright shade of Illuminating, the Pantone Color of the Year?

Pair this optimistic shade of bright yellow with purples, pinks and greens. And doesn't it all pop against the bright turquoise pool water? Let's dive right into this design.

Color Palette: Everything bright! Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green


Hardscape materials:

  • Outcropping 


  • Yarrow Moonshine

  • A variety of pink blooming coneflowers (Magnus)

  • Perennial Allium

  • Lavender Phenomenal

  • Shenandoah Panicum: We love grasses for their height and movement!

  • Sedum kamtschaticum

Clean and Classic

This incredible sloped backyard was transformed into a classic French chateau style terraced landscape, with a modular stepping stone layout, adding elements of whimsy and elegance. This elegant landscape design will never go out of style.

Palette: White, Gray, Deep Purple, Green


Annuals (in seasonal pots & planting beds):

  • Deep purple petunias or verbena


  • Hibiscus in a variety of shades of pink

  • Giant Wisteria covering the white pergola

  • Butterfly Bush

Trees & Shrubs:

  • 3-4 varieties of boxwood
  • Limelight Hydrangea - over 70 in the backyard for walls of white blooms (plant in mass for this design style)
  • Hornbeam (for hedges) - These tall columnar trees are one of the most sought after design features in landscaping right now.

International Luxury

Rich, sun-drenched perennials combined with the rustic, graceful texture of perennial grasses, and the sweet scent of a flowering vine is the key to re-creating the unmistakable ambiance of Tuscany. 

And while many of us aren't traveling, why not bring it home to your backyard? Here are the plants we recommend.

Color Palette: Warm shades of purple, blue, white, gold and green


Flowering Perennials:

  • Nepeta Purrsian Blue
  • Stachys Byzantina
  • Lavendula
  • Succulents

Perennial Grasses:

  • Sporobolus heterolepis


  • Jasmine Vine - reminds us of Italy!

  • A mix of Italian herbs in rustic terra cotta or clay jars

  • Any potted citrus!

Additional Landscaping Ideas:

  • A crushed gravel or bluestone chip patio or walkway
  • Add an Italian-style fountain
  • Use columnar, extra thin evergreens and trees to line driveways and pathways

Interested in learning more about our Landscape Design services? Contact us to collaborate!

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