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7 Hardy Varieties of Spring Blooming Shrubs

Spring blooming shrubs steal the spotlight in April and May and add curb appeal to your home. The showy flowers are just what everyone wants to see as they walk out the front door, and many of them also offer unbeatable fragrance.

Hardy Spring blooming Shrubs

In this article, we've chosen 7 varieties of spring blooming shrubs that we prefer for their color, hardiness and low-maintenance reputations. 


Girard's Crimson Azalea 

Beautiful, very large, rosy-red crimson flowers bloom in spring.

Herbert Azalea 

This variety reaches just about 4'x4' at maturity and features bright pink blooms.

Henry's Triumph Azalea

Blooms heavily into July with cluster of pink flowers with a distinct orange eye.

Karen Azalea 

Karen reaches about the same size as the Herbert, but the blooms are more lavender than pink.


Spring Sensation Deutzia 

Garlands of white flowers adorn every part of the plant, on gracefully arching stems, from spring to early yuki-deutziasummer.

Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia 

Smaller variety reaching 1-2 feet tall and wide. A shower of elegant pink flowers with a neat, mounded habit and burgundy-purple fall color.

Yuki Snowflake Deutzia 

This is an easy growing, bright beauty! Numerous pearl-like buds open to attractive white fragrant flowers in spring.


PJM Rhododendron 

A durable yet charming rhododendron with small trusses of bright lavender-purple blooms that contrast with the small, dark green leaves.

Roseum Elegans Rhododendron  

This large variety reaches 6-8 feet at maturity. Homeowners love the rose-lilac blooms. Needs protection from winter wind.


Dwarf Korean Lilac

Reached just 4-6 feet tall at maturity. A spreading lilac with reddish purple buds that open to fragrant, paleDWARFKOREANLILAC lilac flowers.

Bloomerang Lilac

Bloomerangs claim to fame is that is re-blooms, in the spring and then later in the summer. Very disease resistant and slightly smaller than other lilacs.

Miss Kim Lilac

Good for hedges, reaching 6-8 feet at maturity. upright, compact lilac blooms later than others and is highly fragrant.



Chicago Lustre Viburnum

This is a large upright, arrowwood variety that reaches 10-12 feet at maturity. Produces clusters of tiny white flowers followed by blue-black fruit that provides forage for songbirds. 

Blue Muffin Viburnum

Slightly smaller, reaching 6-7 feet at maturity. Creamy white summer flowers are followed by blue fruit in late summer. Good Pollinator.


Bronx Dwarf Forsythia 

Forsythia announce spring’s arrival with vibrant yellow blooms. Stays smaller at 2-3 feet tall and wide at maturity.


Dwarf Fothergilla 

This is a staff favorite. Fragrant, creamy white, fuzzy, bottlebrush flowers cover the low, mounded, dense form in spring, followed by thick, toothy blue-green leaves in summer.


Each of the plants above is linked to our Plantfinder tool.   This online tool allows homeowners to enter the parameters about the plant they are looking for and find just the right fit. 

All of the shrubs listed above are not only top performers but shrubs that our garden center will have available this spring. Visit The Barn to take a look at them in person. We can assist with more information about the plants, along with tips on how to plant them and care for them.

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