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5 Stunning Summer Annual Container Ideas

By Julie Joyce May 1, 2018

Ready to start planting? Annual season has arrived!

One of our most popular articles showcases our

The Best Plants for Cut Flowers

By Julie Joyce January 16, 2017


There's nothing we love more than waking up in the morning and exploring what's happened in our..

Ride The Wave: Wave Petunia Love

By Julie Joyce May 9, 2016

Do you aspire to that perfect, spreading bed of gorgeous color? If so it's time to ride the..

Coleus Couture: The 2016 Summer look book

By Julie Joyce May 4, 2016

Coleus is a foliage annual that has become a popular choice for gardeners over the last two years...

6 Top Performing annuals you're not planting - but should!

By Heather Moister April 25, 2016
Are you hesitant to try new plants because you are not sure how they will perform? Many of..

Design Fool Proof Annual Containers: Get the Guide

By Julie Joyce April 5, 2016

We put together this color wheel to help our customers plan their annual containers a couple years..

8 Plants that will have you dreaming of summer

By Julie Joyce February 23, 2016



Ready to start dreaming of summer? Homeowners can transform their landscape into a backyard..

It's Time For Annuals!

By Julie Joyce May 19, 2015
It's Time For Annuals! Annuals are the key to a bright and vibrant landscape and can be used in a..

How To Keep Annuals Blooming All Summer Long

By Julie Joyce June 23, 2014

How do you care for annuals over the summer?

Annuals are often the smallest plants in your..

Green Ball Dianthus: "The Fluffy Green Ball Annual"

By Julie Joyce July 21, 2013
This week, Deb, our beloved staff member and gardener extraordinaire, brought in a small bouquet..

Landscape Design: Design Annual Containers Like a Pro!

By Julie Joyce May 2, 2013

We put together this color wheel to help our customers plan their annual containers. Start with..


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