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the lakeview pink Rhododendron: A standout in the landscape

There are few plants whose blooms match the instensity and beauty of the rhododendron. This flowering shrub features late spring blooms and makes a beatiful show piece in the landscape. Adding a rhododendron is a greaet way to increase the curb appeal of your home. Need more curb appeal ideas? Click here. After blooming the waxy foliage remains glossy and vibrant all season long, offering great interest all season long. But all that beauty is high maintenance. Homeowners, charmed by their pretty flowers, are often disappointed when they plant a Rhododendron. Have you ever taken home a rhody in full bloom and then watched it linger, shrivel and die? If so, you are not alone. Rhododendrons are hardy for our area but only thrive in the perfect site.  In the midwest our soil has a high Ph and contains a lot of clay. These plants prefer the exact opposite planting site, one with great drainage and a low Ph.

So, what makes the Lakeview Pink Rhododendron different? While new to our garden center, the Lakeview Pink Rhododendron has a long history of success. The the claim to fame is the Inkharo root stock, which is tolerant to heavy soil and moisture. This superior root stock offers great stress tolerance when transplanted. In short, the Lakeview has been bred to be better adapted to our local ecosystem.

There you have it! A solution for Rhody lovers that have struggled to keep them alive in their landscape. As we like to say, "Happy Plants Make Happy Customers!" The Lakeview Pink will be perfectly happy in your landscape. Simply dig a big hole, elevate and don't over water!

Lakeview Pink Rhody's will grow to 5-6 feet high and 4-5 feet wide and feature gorgeous pink blooms




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