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Are Boxwood Shrubs Evergreens?

By Julie Joyce May 17, 2017
"Are boxwood shrubs evergreens?"

It's one of our commonly asked questions. Boxwood feature small,..

The Ultimate Guide to Planning & Styling a Patio

By Julie Joyce May 8, 2017

Planning a patio will enhance your ability to enjoy the outdoors and your home value..

The 8 Best Tomatoes to Grow in Containers

By Julie Joyce April 21, 2017

It's easy to grow tomatoes! Even without a large yard or garden space, many tomatoes happily grow..

Magnolia You Can Plant & Grow in Illinois

By Julie Joyce April 3, 2017

What's not to love about magnolia? There's a big list of reason these beautiful ornamental trees..

Hellebores (Lenten Roses) On Sale Now!

By Julie Joyce April 2, 2017

Hellebores: Spring Perennial Bloomer


Like Coneflowers and Heucheras, plant breeders have gone..

Save 20% on Forsythia!

By Julie Joyce April 2, 2017


The forsythia shrub is one of the first to come into bloom into the spring. Their bright yellow..

Superfoods that prevent cancer and you can grow yourself...

By Heather Moister March 22, 2017

Cancer sucks, right? Many of us are actively involved in supporting survivors, healing, fighting or..

14 Garden & Landscape Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

By Julie Joyce February 25, 2017

It happens to even the most experienced gardeners.....a major gardening fail. Mother Nature just..

Building a Backyard Fire Pit: Style & Landscape Construction Tips

By Julie Joyce February 21, 2017
Since it just so lovely out, why not spend some time planning your spring landscape project...

9 Reasons to Garden with Coop Poop this Spring

By Heather Moister February 20, 2017

9 Reasons to Add Coop Poop to your Garden & Landscaping

Want to know the secret ingredient..

What's New in Dwarf Ornamental Trees?

By Aaron Isaacman February 8, 2017

Hello Barn Buddies!

It's Aaron here with an exciting new list of dwarf ornamental trees for the..

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Midwest

By Julie Joyce February 1, 2017

We interrput this winter to bring you this message from Summer....

Living the midwest, we can all..


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