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It's Time For Annuals!

It's Time For Annuals! Annuals are the key to a bright and vibrant landscape and can be used in a variety of ways. They are also simple to care for, not requiring much more than some sun and water. Learn more about caring for your annuals by clicking here
For ideas on including more seasonal color in your landscape, read the list of ideas below.
A Wall of Color: For mass color in the landscape the best choices bloom all summer long, consistently, and are relatively low maintenance. Consider supertunias or sunpatiens.
As Accent Plants: Choose an annual with highly contrasting blooms or foliage to contrast with the color of the home or the green landscape plants. Pick a color that matches your trim, shutters or front door.
Decorating The Home: Using containers, baskets, planters and window boxes is are great way to decorate the outside your home.
From Above: Try a spilling hanging basket to enjoy color from up above.
In The Garden: By including annuals in your perennial garden you can help attract even more butterflies and hummingbirds. Annuals can also be used in the vegetable gardens!  Unlike perennials that bloom for 4-8 weeks, annuals offer constant color.
Annuals are sometimes categorized by their growing habit. We recommend including a variety of annuals in your containers so there is a mixture of textures, heights and colors. The 3 growth habits are commonly referred to as:
Thrillers: Most often the centerpiece of a container, thrillers are tall and upright growing plants. Taller perennials and tropical plants can be used effectively as thrillers.
Fillers: Full of dense blooms or featuring uniquely textured foliage, these plants are widely used to fill in space and add an array of hues.
Spillers: Low growing and spreading plants, occasionally similar to a vine like habit, these plants slink, kink, cascade, and wind their way along unusual paths.
To make things even easier, we put together this handy plant chart. Use it to put together designs and combinations perfect for your home!


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